A beloved destination for centuries, Tuscany is celebrated for its timeless beauty, rich culture, and historic allure. When you’re selecting your vacation destination, consider the endless advantages of opting for a private residence in the heart of Italy.

Privacy and Tranquility

Tuscany’s serene and picturesque countryside is known for its tranquility. Choosing a private residence allows you to escape the hustle and bustle, providing a serene environment for relaxation.

Authentic Tuscan Experience

Staying in a secluded private residence offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local Tuscan lifestyle at your leisure. Explore nearby villages and markets to savor the region’s distinctive culture and cuisine.

Stunning Views and Luxurious Amenities

Secluded private residences often feature unobstructed, panoramic views of vineyards, olive groves, and historic towns. You’ll also enjoy luxury amenities like private swimming pools, gardens, and entertainment systems, making your stay truly opulent.

Personal Concierge Team

When you stay in a villa or farmhouse at Casali di Casole, you’ll have a dedicated concierge team at your service who are committed to making your stay effortless and unforgettable. Whether you desire a private massage; an intimate chef’s dinner in your villa; bike rentals to explore the countryside; or recommendations for the finest restaurants, local classes, and captivating day trips, your concierge is your trusted guide to ensure your every wish is fulfilled.

A Residence for Every Stay

Selecting a secluded private residence in Tuscany ensures an exclusive and unforgettable holiday. It combines privacy, authenticity, luxury, and panoramic views, creating memories that will linger in your heart for years to come. Start planning your dream Tuscan getaway today at Casali di Casole.