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Casali di Casole is one of the most prominent and ideally located estates in all of Tuscany. Those who know the region best treasure this particular locale for a myriad of reasons. First, the estate is central to the most desirable Tuscan destinations. Idyllic Siena is just 45 minutes east, and Florence 1 hour and 15 minutes north. The coast is a scenic hour’s drive. The popular towns of Volterra and Montalcino are respectively within 45 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive. The walled fortress of Monteriggioni is a comfortable 30 minutes’ drive. Additionally, our nearby neighbors are the hill towns of Mensano, Radicondoli and the namesake, Casole d’Elsa. In the distance, the legendary towers of San Gimignano rise on the horizon.

Casale La Casa

Set among sprawling vineyards, La Casa features views in every direction, including the rolling countryside and enchanting hotel on the estate. The 2-bedroom main residence is complemented by two 1-bedroom guest houses, while a stone courtyard provides a place to dine and relax. Exposed stone walls, arched doorways and a traditional Tuscan fireplace create warmth and intimacy throughout.

Casale San Giuseppe

Nestled into the forest and olive groves, this 3-bedroom main residence and 1-bedroom guest house boast dramatic, unobstructed views. The kitchen and dining rooms open to an expansive courtyard, which leads to a truly stunning pool and spa built into the ruins of an old barn. Throughout San Giuseppe are vaulted ceilings, arched doorways and materials artfully reclaimed from centuries past.

Casale San Regolo

San Regolo is a majestic estate. Olive groves bordering it on two sides, and beyond the olives, the vineyards begin. This is one of the estate’s largest homes, with a 3-bedroom main residence and two 1-bedroom guest houses — fitting for multi-family getaways or groups who enjoy their own space. Gather in outdoor dining spaces, take a swim in the infinity pool or stroll the vast surrounding lawns.

Casale San Giovanni

Situated on 135 acres, and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, San Giovanni has one of the most idyllic settings on the estate. With touches of modern design, the stunning 4-bedroom main residence and 2-bedroom guest house is fitting for special events or large groups. A central courtyard featuring a pergola, outdoor forno, infinity pool, fire pit, hot tub and bocce court draws guests outside any time of day.

Casale Cetena Rossa

Nestled between vineyards and rolling hills, Cetena Rossa is a sprawling farmhouse with a 6-bedroom main residence, 2-bedroom guest house and expansive gathering spaces. It features stunning views and central living and dining rooms, which open to the pergola for outdoor dining. The kitchen is the largest throughout the entire estate, perfect for private cooking lessons or preparing a delicious Italian feast.

Casale San Damiano

Overlooking a verdant valley from a secluded hillside is Casale San Damiano, a farmhouse created in the classic Tuscan tradition. Exceptionally private, the 3-bedroom main residence and 1-bedroom guest house offers dramatic valley views across a sweeping meadow, several dining and gathering areas complete with stone-built fire pit and a comfortable hot tub tucked next to the infinity pool.

Casale Poggio Alla Corona

This residence is an artful recreation of a Tuscan farmhouse, subtly updated to include every modern convenience. Warm and inviting places to gather are everywhere, especially around the fireplace that is the showpiece of the great room or outdoors around the circular fire pit. The kitchen and living spaces, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, open to the pergola with forno oven — perfect for alfresco dining.

Casale Vemignano

Commanding one of the estate’s most prominent hilltops, Vemognano showcases unobstructed views in every direction and its elegant restoration creates a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere. In addition to the two 1-bedroom guest houses, the 2-bedroom main residence offers plenty of space for gathering in the central living and dining rooms, with magnificent doors that open to the patio for alfresco dining.

Casale Gabbro

The estate’s first restored farmhouse, Gabbro represents Tuscan history in every inch of the home — from the majestic hall and distinctive furniture to the incredible chandelier from Murano. Beyond its links to the past, it also has a 2-bedroom main residence, two 1-bedroom guest houses and modern amenities and spaces made for entertaining including a convivial kitchen and a patio with wood-burning oven.

Casale La Fonte di Barbena

Located near the charming village of Mensano, La Fonte is surrounded by nature and offers a private, rejuvenating retreat. Among the most classically inspired of all the farmhouses on the estate, the exquisitely furnished residence enjoys a grand main living level where kitchen, dining and living areas flow naturally. Spaces open out to the patio which overlooks the infinity pool and inviting hot tub.

Casale Escaiole

Privately situated within a forest, Escaiole showcases astonishing architecture at every turn. In addition to the 3-bedroom main residence and 1-bedroom guest house, there are courtyards, shaded pergolas and patios for the spa and at the pool deck overlooking a fire pit. Just as memorable is the infinity pool embraced by the surrounding countryside — a private enclave for sunbathing, hot-tubbing and stargazing.

Casale Pietti

A stunning year-round destination, Pietti is a lovely Tuscan farmhouse restored with remarkable character. In addition to its infinity pool, traditional fireplace and outdoor pergola, a central kitchen connects various living areas and natural light draws you to converse and dine. Enjoy captivating views of Radicondoli and Mensano — home to just 150 residents and one of Tuscany’s most charming hill towns.

Casale Pulcinello

Located on the side of a hill and offering some of the most breathtaking views in Tuscany, Pulcinello’s 3-bedroom main residence and 1-bedroom guest house is an incredible restoration. Anchored in the foreground is a spectacular infinity pool, while a charming garden, two pergolas and an outdoor forno create a picturesque scene for alfresco dining — whether prepared by a private chef or family and friends.

Casale Campo al Doccio

Featuring a 3-bedroom main residence, 2-bedroom guest house and breathtaking views, this classic farmhouse with contemporary elegance takes advantage of its hillside setting —as the levels cascade, so too do the expansive outdoor areas. Endlessly entertaining and surprising, at every turn, spaces open out to the terraces. The pergola overlooks the sunning area, which in turn wraps a stunning infinity pool.

Casale Santa Lucia

Nestled on top of a hill and embraced by its own private vineyard, Santa Lucia is a stunning farmhouse with expansive views of the surrounding countryside. In addition to a 1-bedroom guest house, the light-filled main residence features 3 bedrooms with bathrooms, an amazing kitchen, and comfortable living, fireplace and outdoor areas — perfect for family and friends to relax and enjoy the Tuscan lifestyle.

Villa Scuola

Perched on top of one of the main hills on the estate is an intimate grouping of three villas. Ideal for those who envision an idyllic private life in the countryside, each residence features amazing expansive views and cozy spaces, complete with two bedrooms, two baths, outdoor dining and lounge areas, and a private garden with an outdoor hot tub and fire pit.

Villa Sant’Antonio

Dating to the 18th century, these magnificent present-day residences offer an idyllic setting overlooking the estate’s most scenic vineyard. Each villa offers breathtaking views and includes furnishings from the leading houses of Italy, traditional kitchens, contemporary bathrooms and a private terrace, plus a heated glass-tiled infinity pool that is shared between six villas.

Bargagli Penthouse

The allure of the Bargagli Penthouse is surely a lifestyle warmed by the vibrant tapestry of Italian country life, where every day everything is at hand. Gracefully appointed with handcrafted custom and antique furniture, fine Italian linens and accessories from leading houses of the region, the Bargagli Penthouse is the product of a painstaking restoration of the most important rooms within a historic castle.

Casali di Casole Office

Our office is host to our wonderful team of concierges, management, and accounting.

Casali di Casole
Forte Dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is a seaside town in Tuscany, Italy, known for its beaches. The Pontile is a long pier offering views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, plus the city, which features the Apuan Alps in the background. Sculptures dot the town center, including the marble Monumento ai Caduti war memorial. Nearby in Piazza Garibaldi, the 18th-century Lorenese Fort is a symbol of the city.


If you are venturing west from Casali di Casole, perhaps to the beaches of Forte dei Marmi or Cinque Terre, Lucca is a great stop along the way and one of our absolute favorites. Lucca is an almost perfectly preserved jewel of medieval architecture and buildings, emanates charm and shows layers of history from every corner of its narrow winding streets. The walls that surround the town, no longer used for defense, are crowned by four kilometers of green parkland — making it a lovely place to walk, cycle or spread out a picnic lunch. Distance from Casali di Casole: 120 kilometers.


Of course it’s renowned for the Leaning Tower, but Pisa is also an ancient city with a beautiful Duomo and Baptistery that offers some of the best views of Pisa, as it includes the Leaning Tower and has far fewer steps to climb. The Arno River flows from Florence through Pisa, and a stroll along the river is surely the highlight of a visit here. As an insider’s tip, the jewel of Lucca is just a few kilometers north — and for us, a quieter, more enjoyable visit. Distance from Casali di Casole: 113 kilometers.


Florence’s centro storico, which stretches from the Piazza del Duomo south to the Arno, is just possibly one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Much of Florence’s centro storico is closed to traffic, so you might love a walk in its narrow streets, especially in the area bounded by the Duomo, Piazza Signoria, Galleria degli Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio.


Radda in Chianti is in the heart of the Senese Chianti Classico. A part of its ancient walls is still preserved, and the most ancient tower still stands in front of the gardens in the town center. The historical center is the charming main square, as in most medieval villages, and its walkable alleys develop like rings out and around the center of town.

San Gimignano

Perhaps the most medieval of any destination in Tuscany, this easily walkable hilltop town is home to 14 beautiful towers — the remains of more than 70 that once punctuated its skyline. There’s a wide array of 14th- and 15th-century art to be found at spots such as the Museo Civico and the Museo d’Art Sacra. The Museo della Tortura offers a hair-raising collection of historical torture instruments, including some still used around the world today. The 14th-century fortress of Rocca is a romantic ruin offering lovely views of the town. Climb the Torre Grossa (the tallest tower) for incredible views of rooftops and surrounding geography.

Casole d'Elsa

The namesake of Casali di Casole is a beautiful, quiet town of ancient brick buildings. There are panoramic views around every corner. Originally an Etruscan settlement, Casole fell under control of Siena in the 13th century. Its many historical buildings make for fascinating touring, combined with lovely restaurants, wine bars and authentic grocery shops, as well as art galleries.


Siena is a beautiful medieval town, enclosed by thousand years old walls, which preserved the beauty of its buildings through the centuries. Famous for the Palio race, that is run twice a year and excites the locals’ hearts, Siena is an architectonic jewel that shields countless treasures.


Arezzo is a city in eastern Tuscany, Italy. The hilltop Arezzo Cathedral features painted vaulted ceilings and a 15th-century fresco of Mary Magdalene by Piero della Francesca. Nearby, the Basilica di San Francesco has a chapel decorated with more Piero frescoes.


Cortona is a hilltop town in Tuscany, Italy. The Etruscan Academy Museum displays a vast collection of bronze, ceramic and funerary items reflecting the town’s Etruscan past. The museum also includes an Archaeological Park with multiple sites, including city fortifications and stretches of Roman roads.


Montepulciano is a medieval and renaissance hill town and is a major producer of food and wine. Wine connoisseurs consider its Vino Nobile among Italy’s best. However, the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano should not be confused for the varietal wine (Montepulciano grape) of the same name. Montepulciano is also known for its pork, cheese, “pici” pasta (a thick, rough, chewy variant of spaghetti), lentils and honey. The main street of Montepulciano stretches for 1.5 kilometers from the Porta al Prato to the Piazza Grande at the top of the hill. The city is renowned for its walkable car-free nature. The main landmarks include the Palazzo Comunale, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Highly recommended for dining is La Grotta (closed on Wednesday). It is a traditional restaurant with excellent food, and the perfect place to enjoy Vino Nobile wines. LaGrotta offers seasonal specialties, truffles, porcini mushrooms and fresh pasta. The service is pleasant and refined.


Grosseto is a city and comune in the central Italian region of Tuscany, the capital of the Province of Grosseto. The city lies 14 kilometres from the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Maremma, at the centre of an alluvial plain on the Ombrone river.

Isola d'Elba

Elba is an Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea’s Tuscan Archipelago National Park. It’s known for its beaches, and as Napoleon’s place of exile in 1814–15. In the northern town of Portoferraio, displays at the National Museum of Napoleonic Residences trace the French emperor’s time on the island.

Casali di Casole
Amalfi Coast

A coastal jewel where vibrant villages cling to steep cliffs, the Amalfi Coast offers breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. With charming towns like Positano and Amalfi, narrow streets wind through pastel-hued buildings to reveal seaside promenades dotted with fishing boats and lively cafes. Indulge in fresh seafood and iconic Limoncello, all while basking in the Mediterranean sun.

Lake Como

Lake Como, a pristine gem nestled in the Italian Alps, enchants with its tranquil beauty. Quaint villages, like Bellagio and Varenna, grace the shores, surrounded by lush hillsides and elegant villas. Cobblestone streets lead to charming cafes, while the shimmering lake invites leisurely boat rides. Immerse yourself in the allure of Lake Como, where timeless landscapes and picturesque elegance converge in perfect harmony.


Taormina, a Sicilian gem on the Ionian Sea cliffs, weaves ancient charm with breathtaking views of Mount Etna. Explore cobbled streets, discover ancient ruins, and savor local delights in vibrant piazzas. With its dramatic history and seaside allure, Taormina is a captivating blend of culture and Mediterranean splendor.

The Dolomites

The Dolomites boast towering peaks and dramatic landscapes in Northern Italy. Picture-perfect villages like Cortina d'Ampezzo nestle among rugged slopes, offering a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike through lush meadows, conquer iconic peaks, and relish the breathtaking panoramas. The Dolomites, a natural masterpiece, invite you to explore their awe-inspiring beauty and experience the allure of this alpine paradise.


Assisi, a medieval jewel in the heart of Umbria, beckons with its timeless charm and spiritual legacy. Nestled on a hilltop, this enchanting town boasts cobbled streets, medieval architecture, and the iconic Basilica of Saint Francis. Wander through historic alleys, soak in panoramic views of the rolling hills, and immerse yourself in the serenity of this cultural and religious haven. Assisi, a destination of historical richness, invites you to explore its captivating beauty and embrace the tranquility of its surroundings.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a string of centuries-old seaside villages nestled into the Italian Riviera coastline. In each of the 5 towns, colorful houses and vineyards cling to steep terraces, harbors are filled with fishing boats and trattorias turn out seafood specialties along with the Liguria region’s famous sauce, pesto.


Florence’s centro storico, which stretches from the Piazza del Duomo south to the Arno, is just possibly one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Much of Florence’s centro storico is closed to traffic, so you might love a walk in its narrow streets, especially in the area bounded by the Duomo, Piazza Signoria, Galleria degli Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio.


Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is also the capital of the Lazio region, the centre of the Metropolitan City of Rome, and a special comune named Comune di Roma Capitale.

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