All About Truffle Hunting In Tuscany, Italy

If you have been to Italy, you have most likely noticed the importance of truffle hunting in Tuscany. People travel all over the world for this activity and you can partake in it at different times of the year, with the fall being the season for the famous white truffle. Continue reading to learn more about this exclusive activity.

Truffle hunting is an amazing experience that allows one to be in contact with nature while having the thrill of discovering what is considered to be a delightful gem.


First, let’s break down what a truffle is. A truffle is an edible species of fungus. It grows in various locations, and is well known for being in Italy. This fungus is only common during certain seasons and can be difficult to find since they grow on the roots of trees, as far as two feet underground. Hunters used to use pigs to find truffles, but the pigs soon realized how delcatable this species of fungus was and decided to start eating the truffles upon finding them. This led to hunters training dogs to sniff out the truffles.

One thing that makes Casali di Casole stand out is that Owners and guests partake in truffle treasure hunting. Expert truffle hunters will guide you on your exploration where you will look for the high quality truffles. This is an experience of a lifetime due to how fresh the truffles are. One issue with truffles is that they do not last more than a week and lose their aroma easily. That is why truffle hunting is so special. The hunters are able to enjoy the product the same day they find it, ultimately getting the best quality and taste of the truffle. Casali di Casole makes truffle hunting in Tuscany possible.

Since truffles are difficult to find depending on the time of year and the quick life of the aroma, this specialty is quite expensive. There are ways to best store truffle, but you should try to use your truffle three days from the harvest date. When it comes to how to eat the truffle, it is best shaved over your meal. Some examples of food that pair well with truffles are home-made pasta like tagliolini, risotto and eggs. It is recommended to not cook the truffle because it can release the aroma, not allowing your food to have the full effect of a raw truffle.

Now that you know the history and importance of truffles, when will you plan your next trip to go truffle hunting in Tuscany?

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