Here are some of our favorite day trips from Casali di Casole.


Siena is less than an hour away from Casali di Casole. Its historic center has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, making it a must-visit while staying at Casali di Casole. The city is known for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscapes and the famous Palio horse race that is held twice a year in the stunning Piazza del Campo. A guided tour through Siena can teach you about the history behind the city, its architecture and traditions.


About an hour away from Casali di Casole, Florence is a city filled with significant history. It’s narrow streets are rich with some of the most important art galleries, museums, architecture, and cafes. With the help of your Casali di Casole concierge team, book a tour to explore the beauty of Florence. One of the tours offered is through The Torrigiani Garden, which is in the heart of Florence and is the largest privately owned garden in Europe within city boundaries.

San Gimignano

Forty minutes away from the Casali di Casole estate is San Gimignano. A true jewel of medieval urban architecture, the town is known for the 14 majestic towers that pierce the sky. They are all of varying heights and have become the city’s international symbol. If you are looking for a more hands-on experience when visiting San Gimignano, do not miss a gelato workshop in one local gelateria!


Located an hour and a half from Casali di Casole, Pisa is famous for its leaning tower. This unique piece of architecture attracts visitors from all over the world. The tower was built between the 12th and 13th centuries and began to tilt due to the soft foundation that it was built on. After the tilt hit 5.5 degrees, there were slight renovations to this historical monument tilting it back to 3.97 degrees.


Two hours away from Casali di Casole, Lucca is a beautiful medieval town offering rich history. The town has traces of the Roman amphitheater and other archeological remains, along various towers and villas from the 12th to 16th centuries. Hidden behind imposing renaissance walls, this quiet city is an essential stopwith visiting Tuscany

Day trips from Casali di Casole are a great way to experience the different areas of Italy, especially if you’re a resident here. Click here to learn more about property ownership in Italy.

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