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Casale Pietti Living Area
Casale Pietti Kitchen
Casale Pietti Hallway
Casale Pietti
Casali Peitti views

Casale Pietti

Mensano is one of the most intimate and graceful of Tuscany’s hill towns, the same today it would seem as a century ago. Eighty residents cling to the crown of the hill, sharing narrow cobbled streets, a comfortable restaurant and warm smiles, Mensano is a treasure to behold.

Along the meandering country road that winds its way from the Casali to Mensano, is a restoration of rare and remarkable character, Pietti. The site offers captivating views across a buttery landscape that changes color with the season from emerald green to sun starched wheat. On a distant hill is Radicondoli, a rival to Mensano in all things quaint and impeccably Tuscan.

Floor Plans

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Casale Pietti Main Floorplan
Casale Pietti Upper Floorplan
Casale Pietti Lower Floorplan