Vineyards at Castello di Casole
People drinking wine

Vineyards & Groves

The estate’s grapes are used to produce our ‘C’ private-label signature wines, which are available through our winery only to guests of the Castello Di Casole and owners of villas and casale farmhouses that dot the property.

Tuscany is home, of course to the world’s finest olive groves, and the 30 acres at Castello di Casole may very well be the finest of all. Harvested each fall, the olives produce a private-label extra virgin olive oil unlike any other. While we continue to plant trees around the estate, the existing groves produce just 2,500 bottles of oil annually. All are bottled and used exclusively at the Castello di Casole estate, with a dedicated allotment for owners and guests.

Winemaker Events

Wine is simply a way of life at Castello di Casole, just as it is throughout Italy. Owners and guests have unrivaled access to the best of Italy’s vibrant wine scene with special wine events throughout the year. In addition to vineyard tours, wine tastings, winemaker dinners and events on property with our winemaking team, we offer Italian winery tours at some of the country’s most prestigious wineries, including Icario, Le Macchie, and Querciabella.