Castello di Casole Owner Profile

Rick and Nancy Richardson, Owners at Castello di Casole, have long loved all things Italian – from the culture to the countryside to its warm people and historic traditions. The happy couple first met as students at Duke University and have since enjoyed a life dedicated to continued education, stimulating careers and hearty adventures. Nancy’s work has spanned several fields such as human services, where she was the executive director of two non-profits; in the gourmet food world, where she spent a year as a chef; and in the legal realm as a Trust & Estates lawyer for 20 years. After serving as a Naval officer on a nuclear submarine, Rick joined PricewaterhouseCoopers for 35 years in international banking and financial services.

Sharing a passion for travel, they’ve always had a special connection to Italy in particular. They fell in love with Tuscany several years ago, when they, along with several other couples, began voyaging throughout the region the old-fashioned way, by embarking on hikes that lasted from eight to eleven days each.

“One of the more scenic walks was our most recent, when we spent a week at Castello di Casole and then hiked from Siena to Florence. We already loved Tuscany having honeymooned in Florence and Siena and subsequent trips, but the hike made us realize it was an area where we wanted to put down more permanent roots,” Rick says. “We initially thought we wanted to buy a property, but Castello di Casole turned out to be the perfect solution.”

The Richardsons are Owners in the charming farmhouse, Casale Pulcinello. Among their favorite aspects of ownership at Castello di Casole are the people who work there and the nearby towns to discover.

“During our visits, we’ve enjoyed getting to know the locals,” Rick says. “A friend has introduced us to several shop owners, including the butcher in Gracciano, the baker at Forno di Gracciano and the wine merchant in Colle Alta.”

Though they don’t have children of their own, the Richardsons are very close to their extended family, including their “nieces, nephews and godchildren whom we hope will visit us at Castello di Casole.”